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I’m Wolfgang Stefani, a UX Designer from Berlin

Stop 🔥 your 💰 with guesswork, redesigns and marketing campaigns that just don’t achieve the expected goals. Let’s work together with your users to improve your conversion rate, lead quality and user experience

What i can do for you

Identify Problems

Let’s find out what bothers your users and therefore influences your sales and business. I mostly use these techniques:

  • Customer Interviews
  • Website review analysis
  • Website analytics
  • Surveys
  • Card Sorting
  • Top Task Analysis
  • User Testing

Find and test solutions

I’ll find solutions for the identified problems and test them accordingly with:

  • Wireframes / Prototyping
  • User Testing
  • A/B Testing

Concept and Design

A solid concept with a design that’s focused on your target audience can improve the overall experience of your website or app.

  • UI Design
  • UX Design
  • Prototyping
  • Component-based design
  • Responsive Webdesign
  • My Designs are easy to code and maintain

The best-looking design doesn’t help if the overall user experience sucks

Wolfgang Stefani

Yeah, you got me… I quoted myself. So funny and unique… 🙄

What people 👍 about me

Wolfgang always gives me helpful input regarding web design and UX. He helps me to stay „on the track“, is always available at short notice and works very reliably.

Jan Lingen,

If only everything were as simple as with Wolfgang. Honest consultation, very pleasant and uncomplicated cooperation.

Tilo Friedmann,

Wolfgang is not only a designer. He helped me build an awesome online strategy, advised me on SEO and answered all of my technical questions without any flaw. Simply a carefree package, what more could you want?

Martin Rieger,

We emphatically recommend working with Wolfgang. In addition to being deeply knowledgeable in all aspects of SEO, web design, and UX, Wolfgang helped us determine what we actually wanted, and kept us true to that vision.

Emily Hirschberg,

Achieve your goals and stop wasting money!

Now you know a little bit about me, but I don’t know anything about you! 🤔 If you’re interested in working with me just drop me a line and tell me a bit about yourself, your project and what you’d like to achieve.

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